Monday, June 16, 2014

Oliver's Long Goodbye

So he's old and deaf and now apparently almost blind.

He doesn't wag his tail much

despite trying to spoil him with snacks and lovin'

He fell down the stairwell last week but miraculously survived.

I took him to the family picnic and although seemingly befuddled,

he enjoyed the pats, the pets, the kids, wandering the yard and

enjoying the sunshine at Jon's -

and then he fell in the pool -

but he was ok.

He's been the dearest of friend since 1999, 

when he was given to me by my sister in Memphis. 

A companion for  Kenya

then Freddie 
and even tolerated the addition of crazy Larry.

and always has he been an utter joy to me. 

We celebrated his 14th birthday last July, 

still enjoying life to the fullest 

and bringing love and joy to all

but tonight I came home

and he wasn't at the door

and I was afraid to go upstairs for what I might find.

He was there and breathing and liked my pats and cuddling.

and then he slowly went down the steps,

but I was so afraid,

it might be one of the last times...

He has been such a dear sweet loving friend

 and though I thought I was ready

Once again, you never are!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Atlantic City Getaway

Just back from a great getaway with a dear old friend.
We both needed it.
Life is trying and busy and complicated
 and time for catching up with friends seems hard to find.
So we plan this getaway.
A great hotel with a Groupon deal.
The Atlantic City boardwalk is more charming than I ever remembered.
The weather - sublime.

We talk.
We eat.
 We walk the boardwalk.
We wander the casino and
dabble at the penny slot machines.
And then we find time - to sit by the sea!
We find an empty barren beautiful beach
occasionally scattered with summer diehards,
 reluctant to say goodbye to summer.
A glorious getaway
And the peace and calm  and recharging
 only gotten by
Time by the Sea!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Day 28 - Photo Challenge - SMELL

It's taste could only rival...

It's heavenly smell!

Corn and Mushroom and Zucchini and Truffle Oil PIZZA!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 26 Photo Challenge - YES

Prompt Word of the Day -

I've had a week to think about it.
Should I keep him?

Can I handle a THREE DOG LIFE??

Does he add immeasurable joy to my home?

Will his dog brothers love and accept him too?


He's mine "til death do us part"??

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 25 - Photo Challenge - SUNDAY

So today's prompt for the challenge is the word
So I get the idea, as I am on my way to Mom's for a Sunday Dinner,
to get a photo of SUNDAY dinner at Mom's
After I explained the project and direction to all 18 family members
 and mounted myself high on a chair to "capture" a spontaneous shot,
everyone began with the jokes,
the comedy routines
and the laughter.
I added a dramatic edit,
to create the mood of SUNDAY dinner
at Don Vito Corleone's,
 but nothing could really help the poor quality of the shots.
But I guess a shot that captures a night of boisterous
laughter and fun with family can't be all bad.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 19 - Photo Challenge - WHITE

My Favorite Color!!!
Always Enlightening!

Day 18 Photo Challenge - LOOKING DOWN

Photo Challenge 18
Looking Down -
But of course, what would come to mind
but my magical twirling steps
and the daily dog parade upon them!